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HERO|farm is a marketing, public relations and design agency with a simple philosophy: "Do great work for good people."

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Paid To Post: Emerging Social Network Tsū Pays For Your Content
Paid To Post: Emerging Social Network Tsū Pays For Your Content

Tsu PennyIf I had a dime for every time I posted on Facebook, I'd definitely be rolling in the dough. So what if you really could get paid to post?

Tsū, an emerging social network that monetizes user content and activity, is paying users both for their content and for recruiting more users. One appeal of Tsū is that it does not invite anyone to the platform itself, but instead uses a short code invite system that tracks and distributes 100 percent of the social economics to the platform and its users.

With each post, Tsū takes a ten percent cut and gives 90 percent of its ad revenue back to its users. After Tsu takes its cut, it gives half of each post's revenue to the user who created/posted it, and the rest of the revenue gets divided among that user's "family tree."

Tsu ComparisonPeople should get paid for the content they produce. Aren’t you tired of Facebook making so much money off of you? Not getting credit for the content we post is like radio stations playing everyone’s songs and not giving the artist royalties for their work. Katy Perry would not be very happy if this were the case.

With Tsu, users are given incentive to grow their platform since monetization overlays a network effect onto each Tsū user’s social network. The more interesting content you create that is shared the more money you make.

It is pretty simple to use: simply add a picture, locate your image and upload. You can also add a description, title, hashtag, and can share your image on Facebook or Twitter before you post. There is also a pretty impressive image editing option that you can apply to your image. You can rotate, crop and add unique effects.

Earn money on Tsu

So, let’s look at what happens if I were to sign up for Tsū. Say that I am user A. I invite user B, who invites user C, who invites user D. If $100 of earned revenue is generated based on content user D shares such as photos and status updates, $90 of the $100 will go to the users, since Tsū takes 10 percent of the revenue for platform fees. User D, the original content creator, gets 50 percent of the $90, or $45. User C gets 33.3 percent (1/3) of the $90, so $29.70. User B gets 11.1 percent of the $90 (1/3 of 1/3 =1/9), so $9.99. Finally, user A gets 3.70 percent or (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = (1/27) or $3.33. The somewhat complicated concept seems pretty cool, though, right? But don’t get too excited just yet.

Tsu RedeemThe share of profits diminishes with each post away from the original poster. It is great for those who get in early, but in the long run with an increased number of users, people that actually benefit from the contributions of the expanding network will be a small number. In the vast majority of cases, Tsū will not make the average user rich, with most people earning $1 to $5 per day and leaning more toward the $1 per day if you're lucky. But hey, that's 365 more dollars than you previously had and more than Facebook will ever give you!

In my scenario, there were only 4 users, and I am already receiving a little compensation as user A. So if Tsū, like Facebook, takes off and eventually consists of billions of users, you can only imagine how small your return would become if you were user A.

People are creatures of habit, and the bulk of social media users don't want to make the effort to change only to earn a few extra cents. This is proven by failed MLM network signups like Bubblews, which has a similar concept. Never heard of Bubblews? Exactly. Also, Tsū has promised to pay its users, but this may kill the social network in the long run. It’s an interesting tactic to draw users and stand out among the unending number of social networks out there, but if Tsū took away the promise of users earning a profit would people still make the leap?

Tsu HEROfarm homepageOlder social network users, who are often already heavily invested in Facebook or Twitter, tend to suffer from social media burnout and are unlikely to make the jump to yet another website. But perhaps teens will be intrigued by the network’s newness, the chance to earn money and, ultimately, its appeal as a sanctuary from the prying eyes of older people, like parents. Only time will tell if Tsū joins the unending list of struggling/defunct social networks or breaks through as Snapchat did not long ago.

Have you signed up for Tsū? Follow us. Friend us. Whatever you do there - https://www.tsu.co/herofarm.


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We formed HERO|farm with a social mission not only to help us break away from the old way of doing things and stand out, but also because we wanted to make a difference. A cornerstone of HERO|farm is to do at least one campaign per year pro bono for a non-profit, as well as work with clients who have admirable missions of their own. Visit our Causes & Affects page to learn more.