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HERO|farm is a marketing, public relations and design agency with a simple philosophy: "Do great work for good people."

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HERO|farm Spotlight

10 New Orleans Inspired Halloween Costumes For 2014
10 New Orleans Inspired Halloween Costumes For 2014

Still don’t have a costume for Halloween? Here are 10 New Orleans inspired getups you can throw together at the last minute -- based on news from the Crescent City in 2014. Have more ideas? Tweet us @herofarm.

Beer Tossing Bromance

There's nothing like playing a little pitch and catch with a good friend, especially when it involves beer. Grab a newsy cap, orange sunglasses, a pack of Hopitoulas from NOLA Brewing and get to having a good time like Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey.

Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey Toss Beers

Slap Ya Mama

Now this is a costume with a little spice. Take a few fake peppers (or real ones if you're daring), apply a "Slap Ya Mama" label on yourself and shake it fast wherever you go. Just be careful. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may fine you for wearing it and ban you from Halloween festivities.

Slap Ya Mama

Jimmy's Schizophrenic Contract

Is he or isn't he? Thanks to you, it won't matter whether he's a wide receiver or a tight end. Once Jimmy signed his name on the dotted line he rolled over the dispute like he does defensive players... and into the money. Wear a Jimmy Graham jersey and hang a confusing contract around your neck.

Jimmy's Schizophrenic Contract

Bad, Bad Teacher

Val Halen was Hot For Teacher, and so will those looking for a quick, easy costume this Halloween. From New Orleans to Destrehan, anyone can be a Bad Teacher. Check your closet or thrift store for short and tight clothing, sexy glasses and other accessories.

Bad, Bad Teacher

No-Go Nagin

As New Orleans' first mayor to be convicted and sent to prison for public corruption, C. Ray Nagin presents an easy costume for those looking to keep it simple... and possibly be tied to only one place for the night. Cut one side of a cardboard box to resemble jail bars, wear a suit and tie, and have a despondent look. Extra points for including a box of city contracts.

No-Go Nagin

See Ya' Serpas

Being a police officer can be dangerous. Being the Superintendent of the NOPD can be dangerously overwhelming. Throw on a police costume, add some bags under your eyes and put in bloodshot contact lenses to get the full effect of the now retired Superintendent Ronal 'See Ya' Serpas.

See Ya' Serpas

Smoothie King Center of Attention

The foam green New Orleans Arena seemingly pulled the sword from the stone and took on new life last year as it turned into the Smoothie King Center. Here's a costume idea to pay homage to both its old and new looks. Get a small cardboard box, color it greenish-bluish-whateverish, draw a suave face and top it off with a crown.

Smoothie King Center of Attention

Keg Stand Mary

Costume contests are like elections -- In order to win you have to shake hands, kiss babies and be charming. But if you really want an edge over the competition, just help people do keg stands. They'll go head over heels in support. Apply a "I'm with Mary" name tag, lug around a mini keg and start schmoozing.

Louisiana Senate Campaign

You've Got Meows Like Miley

Dig in your closet for a black leather jacket, black beanie, black leggings and cutoff denim shorts, then start twerking while belting out "Baby Got Back" and you, too, can be like Miley Cyrus, who did an impromptu performance at Cat's Meow.

Miley Cyrus

Post-Op Pierre

Anyone ever tell you you don't need a scary mask for Halloween because it comes naturally? Well, here's the perfect solution: Post-Op Pierre. Throw on a Pelicans jersey and wrap some bandages around the noggin, and you will be the prettiest little belle/beau at your Halloween shindig... or at least not as scary.

Pierre The Pelican

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