New Orleans Valentine’s Day Cards – #NolaVDay

  Holidays are different in New Orleans, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Inspired by recent news and overall city culture, our New Orleans Valentine eCards help you share your NOLA love with friends you deem worthy. Simply save your favorite cards to your computer’s desktop or phone, and then post them to a friend’s […]

Do good with the Good Karma Slot Machine

The Good Karma Slot Machine – Quick Ideas For Doing a Good Deed Today

The holiday season often brings out the best in all of us. But why can’t that feeling last longer than the holidays? The great thing about doing good is that it doesn’t demand the passing of a law, you being a celebrity or understanding quantum physics; all it takes is a little determination… and an […]

#DontMancriminate campaign fights for male gender equality

It’s said you can’t keep a good man down, unless of course you’re trampling on his rights for equality so says Indian online lifestyle magazine Maggcom. In a controversial move, the publication recently launched an online campaign called #DontMancriminate, which aims to promote equality for men and women alike, with the emphasis on men. According […]

HEROfarm's Brand This - June 17, 2015

Brand This: The New Life Edition

HEROfarm’s Brand This™ talk radio show hits the airwaves with Shaun Walker & Reid Stone discussing the latest trends and topics in the marketing world.   Listen to the latest episode of HEROfarm’s Brand This™ talk radio show, recorded June 17, 2015, by clicking the audio player below. This Episode:
 • Reid finds himself… Thanks […]

YouTube TrueView Shopping

YouTube Adds Click-to-Shop Button to TrueView Ads

YouTube is tweaking its commercials to be more like interactive infomercials. A month after YouTube added interactive cards to its skippable TrueView ads, retail advertisers can now use those card overlays to include product information, images and links to purchase a product on a brand’s site. They can also use these ads to remarket to […]